Lost In A World Of Ghosts

by L'Enfant De La Forêt

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Nigel CHASLES thumbnail
Nigel CHASLES On est bien loin de mes habitudes musicales.
Mélange de trip-hop et d'électro, on plonge dans une ambiance mystique avec un artiste qui porte bien son nom. C'est glauque et glaciale, sans oublier d'être organique... Un véritable orchestre maudit.
Cette partie reste ma préférée avec cette mélopée omniprésente. Une B.O. d'un film inexistant. Mais je suis totalement dedans, et ce n'est pas très jouasse.
Parfait pour rentrer dans ma phase de misanthropie hivernale. Favorite track: Feelings Of Hate And Envy.
Bronson Ray Arabie
Bronson Ray Arabie thumbnail
Bronson Ray Arabie Assuming people were not aware of the composer of this album and ABRAXAS beforehand, they would certainly be shocked to find out that these two albums, which exude such a depressing and dark feeling within the listener, came from the mind of synthwave producer James 'Pertubator' Kent. To say the least, his straying from his darksynth norms is certainly worth a listen for his applying of his musical experience on such dark genres. Favorite track: The Noise Of This World.
Jeremy Beck
Jeremy Beck thumbnail
Jeremy Beck It's a long walk through the suicide forest in Japan. It's 3am by yourself in the basement and realizing there's a noise you can't explain. It's the sense of dread when you realize it's NOT a dream after all.

Seriously, if you love your ambient music to creep you out a little, this is great stuff. Favorite track: Onryō Chant.
kmxexii thumbnail
kmxexii Simple hooks and hypnotic beats fueling a Hellish ambiance of unearthly droning and living metal, the soundtrack to a nightmare world. "The Sea of Trees" opens with desolation; "A Secret" closes with grit, feedback, and the sound of rotting strings, ending on a vision of forbidden, hideous majesty. There is one moment of levity, a glimpse of dark beauty in "The Noise of This World". "Chant" and "Rust" are more mood pieces, one sinister and the other solemn. I also love the exotic tone of "Hate". Favorite track: A Secret.


released February 1, 2015

Music by James "Perturbator" Kent.



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